Knowledge sharing for scientific communities 

The START partnership between African researchers and the technology and expertise available at Diamond Light Source will build the capacity and knowledge base in Africa of the research techniques available at a world-leading synchrotron. This will enable African researchers to expand their local expertise by training and developing synchrotron users and their research outputs for the benefit of their academic knowledge and wider societal impacts. START seeks to develop African scientific leadership and develop new knowledge communities between existing scientists and those at the start of their scientific careers.Key collaborators for the START project include:

Diamond Light Source –Principal Investigator: Professor Chris Nicklin

Diamond Light Source – Co-Investigator: Gwyndaf Evans 

National Inst for Communicable Diseases – Co-Investigator: Professor Lynn Morris 

North West University – Co-Investigator (Biochemistry): Albie van Dijk 

Stellenbosch University

Co-Investigator (Biochemistry): Erick Strauss 

University of Cape Town –Co-Investigators

Institute of Infectious Diseases: Trevor Sewell, Jeremy Woodward, Edward Sturrock

Department of Chemical Engineering: Michael Claeys

University of Pretoria – Co-Investigator  (Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology): Wolf-Dieter Schubert  

University of the Free State – Co-Investigator (Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences): Diederik Opperman  

University of the Witwatersrand – Co-Investigators Yasien Sayed (URC Protein Structure-Function Research Unit (PSFRU)) and David Billing  (school of Chemistry)

Addis Ababa University – Co-Investigator (Chemistry): Teketel Yohannes Anshebo  

Ain Shams University –Co-Investigator (Chemistry Divison): Ghada Bassioni  

Cardiff University – Co-Investigator (Materials and Inorganic Chemistry Section): Richard Catlow   

National University of Lesotho – Co-Investigator (Photovoltaics): Benedict Molibeli Taele  

University of Limpopo – Co-Investigator: Phuti Ngoepe  

University of Oxford – Co-Investigator: Moritz Riede  

University of Sheffield – Co-Investigator David George Lidzey  

University of Southampton – Co-Investigator: Peter Wells  

University of the Witwatersrand – Co-Investigator: Dave Billing