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Energy Materials

Otieno, F., Airo, M., Erasmus, R.M. et al. (2020) Annealing effect on the structural and optical behavior of ZnO:Eu3+ thin film grown using RF magnetron sputtering technique and application to dye sensitized solar cells. Sci Rep 10, 8557

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T. L. Derrien, A. E. Lauritzen, P. Kaienburg, J. F. M. Hardigree, C. Nicklin, and M. Riede (2020), In Situ Observations of the Growth Mode of Vacuum-Deposited α-Sexithiophene, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2020 124 (22), 11863-11869

E. Gemo, S. V. Kesava, C. Ruiz De Galarreta, L. Trimby, S. García-Cuevas Carrillo, M. Riede, A. Baldycheva, A. Alexeev, and C. D. Wright, (2020) Simple technique for determining the refractive index of phase-change materials using near-infrared reflectometry Opt. Mater. Express 10, 1675-1686

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Game O, Smith J, Alanazi T, Wong-Stringer M, Kumar V, Rodenburg C, Terrill N… Lidzey D. (2020). Solvent vapour annealing of methylammonium lead halide perovskite: what’s the catch?. Journal of Materials Chemistry A

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Tierney, G.F., Decarolis, D., Abdullah, N., Rogers, S.M., Hayama, S., Briceno de Gutierrez, M., Villa, A., Catlow, C.R.A., Collier, P., Dimitratos, N. & Wells, P.P. (2019) Extracting structural information of Au colloids at ultra-dilute concentrations: identification of growth during nanoparticle immobilization. Nanoscale Adv. 1, 2546-2552.

Li, W., Xiao, Z., Cai, J., Smith, J.A., Spooner, E.L.K., Kilbride, R.C., Game, O.S., Meng, X., Li, D., Zhang, H., Chen, M., Gurney, R.S., Liu, D., Jones, R.A.L., Lidzey, D.G., Ding, L. & Wang, T. (2019) Correlating the electron-donating core structure with morphology and performance of carbonoxygen-bridged ladder-type non-fullerene acceptor based organic solar cells. Nano Energy 61, 318-326.

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Otieno, F., Airo, M., Ganetsos, T., Erasmus, R.M., Billing, D.G., Quandt, A. & Wamwangi, D. (2019Role of oxygen concentrations on structural and optical properties of RF magnetron sputtered ZnO thin films. Opt Quant Electron 51359

Li, W., Xiao, Z., Smith, J.A., Cai, J., Li, D., Kilbride, R.C., Spooner, E.L.K., Game, O.S., Meng, X., Liu, D., Jones, R.A.L., Lidzey, D.G., Ding, L., & Wang, T. (2019) Enhancing the efficiency of PTB7-Th:COi8DFIC-based ternary solar cells with versatile third components. Applied Physics Reviews 6, 041405.

Warren, R., Privitera, A., Kaienburg, P., Lauritzen, A.E., Thimm, O., Nelson, J. & Riede, M.K. (2019Controlling energy levels and Fermi level en route to fully tailored energetics in organic semiconductorsNat Commun 10, 5538.

Otieno, F., Airo, M., Njoroge, E.G., Erasmus, R, Ganetsos, T., Quandt, A, Wamwangi, D & Billing, D.G. (2019) Effect of implantation of Sm+ ions into RF sputtered ZnO thin film. AIP Advances 9, 045210.

Structural Biology

Woodward, Jeremy & Kirykowicz, Angela & Mulelu, Andani & Markus, & Piotrowski, Markus & Sewell, Trevor. (2020). The helical arrangement of nitrilase enzymes determines their substrate size. The FASEB Journal

Akumadu BO, Pandian R, Olfsen J, Worth R, Thulo M, Mentor T, Fanucchi S… Achilonu I. (2020). Molecular basis of inhibition of Schistosoma japonicum glutathione transferase by ellagic acid: Insights into biophysical and structural studies. Molecular and biochemical parasitology, pp. 111319

Lubbe, L., Cozier, G.E., Oosthuizen, D., Ravi Acharya, K., Sturrock E.D. (2020) ; ACE2 and ACE: structure-based insights into mechanism, regulation and receptor recognition by SARS-CoV. Clin Sci (Lond); 134 (21): 2851–2871.

Cozier, G.E., Lubbe, L., Sturrock, E.D. and Acharya, K.R. (2020), Angiotensin‐converting enzyme open for business: structural insights into the subdomain dynamics. FEBS J

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Tolmie, C., do Aido-Machado, R., Ferroni, F.M., Smit, M.S., Opperman, D.J. (2020) Natural Variation in the ‘Control Loop’ of BVMOAFL210 and Its Influence on Regioselectivity and SulfoxidationCatalysts 10, 339.

Lubbe, L., Sturrock, E.D. (2019) Interacting cogs in the machinery of the renin angiotensin system. Biophys Rev 11, 583–589.

Mulelu, A.E., Kirykowicz, A.M. & Woodward, J.D. (2019) Cryo-EM and directed evolution reveal how Arabidopsis nitrilase specificity is influenced by its quaternary structure. Commun Biol 2, 260.

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Fienberg Stephen, Cozier Gyles E., Acharya K. Ravi, Chibale Kelly, Sturrock Edward D., (2018). The Design and Development of a Potent and Selective Novel Diprolyl Derivative That Binds to the N-Domain of Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 61 (1), pp. 344-359

Cozier Gyles E., Schwager Sylva L., Sharma Rajni K., Chibale Kelly, Sturrock Edward D., Acharya K. Ravi, (2018). Crystal structures of sampatrilat and sampatrilat-Asp in complex with human ACE – a molecular basis for domain selectivity. The FEBS journal, 285 (8), pp. 1477-1490

Moyo T, Ereño-Orbea J, Jacob R, Pavillet C, Kariuki S, Tangie E….. Dorfman J, (2018). Molecular Basis of Unusually High Neutralization Resistance in Tier 3 HIV-1 Strain, 253-11. Journal of Virology

Wibmer C, Richardson S, Yolitz J, Cicala C, Arthos J, Moore P, Morris L, (2018). Common helical V1V2 conformations of HIV-1 Envelope expose the α4β7 binding site on intact virions. Nature Communications

van Eeden C, Wibmer C, Scheepers C, Richardson S, Nonyane M, Lambson B….. Morris L, (2018). V2-Directed Vaccine-like Antibodies from HIV-1 Infection Identify an Additional K169-Binding Light Chain Motif with Broad ADCC Activity. Cell Reports

Wibmer C, Gorman J, Ozorowski G, Bhiman J, Sheward D, Elliott D….. Moore P, (2017). Structure and Recognition of a Novel HIV-1 gp120-gp41 Interface Antibody that Caused MPER Exposure through Viral Escape. PLOS Pathogens

Publications about the GCRF START project:

Goldsmith, L.C., Nicklin, C. (2019GCRF START Launch Event. Synchrotron Radiation News32:3, 4-6