University of the Witwatersrand

START Co-Investigator: David Billing

START Post-Doc: Francis Otieno

Project: Use of synchrotron techniques to characterize Solid Oxide Fuel Cells thin films and ternary active layer of organic solar cell devices

The first part of the project involves the morphology and performance optimisation of organic ternary blend made of a single polymer (Donor) and fullerene and non-fullerene (Acceptor) mix with complimentary absorption. This will be characterized using different synchrotron techniques such as in situ GIWAXS, GISAXS etc.

The second part explores mixed conducting perovskites (ABO3) thin films containing rare and alkaline earth metals on the A‐site and a transition metal on the B‐site for use as cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). We aim to grow thin films and understand their electrochemical properties using synchrotron techniques.

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Francis Otieno operating the GXRD Bruker D8 Discover, 40kV, 100 mA at Wits school of Chemistry